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This magical 3-acre water and woodland garden lies in a former tidal creek, and is rich in variety and conservational significance. With the first plantings in 1988, the garden is well established, boasting extensive herbaceous borders and mixed beds, amongst a charming network of waterways which drain the Treesmill marsh levels.

A hornbeam avenue forms a central axis whilst meandering paths lead from one ‘room’ to the next - to the large natural pond, the formal enclosed garden, the small woodland areas with under plantings, the boscage and the marsh, whilst plenty of comfortable corners provide opportunities for enjoying the peace.

Feeding Nature

Feeding Nature

In our rich eco-diverse environment wildlife thrives in the un-spoilt lush vegetation.

Charming Waterways

Charming Waterways

Cockle shells and sea sand can still be found in the 14 acre marsh.

Flower Gardens

Flower beds

The wide range of herbaceous borders and mixed beds provides all-season colour.

Project part financed by the EU,EAGGF and Defra